It can be said with absolute certainty that gadgets and computers are not going away from our lives anytime soon. And just like with any machine, if you use it, you need to know how or where to get it fixed. Unfortunately, the gadget and computer repair industry is completely unorganized at the moment and is full of local monopoly, price gouging, unfair business practices, is low on efficiency, and missing accountability.

Gadget Guruz as a platform is developed to remedy all of the above-mentioned problems in one go. Bringing all repair shops on a single platform, allowing the customer to choose from best-rated shops, get transparent terms on warranties, fair pricing, and timely resolutions, all with the comfort and safety of their home.

We foresee to bring together the best practices and inculcate the same into the repair shops associated with us, thereby solving the issues mentioned and helping the industry evolve to the next phase. Gadget Guruz is your one-stop solution for any repair issue, related to any device covered in our services.