Trip Insurance

Trip Insurance is provided on any repair of any device where the customer opts in to insure their device. This insurance is a premium feature to protect the customer’s device from any chance of loss/theft and provides reimbursement for any loss due to that. The trip insurance starts the moment the device is picked up from the customer’s location by a Gadget Guruz affiliate delivery agency and ends the moment the same device is returned back to the customer.

  • Charges for trip insurance may vary, depending on the device and model selected by the customer.
  • This insurance is not related to the repair activity performed on the device and does not warranty the repair.
  • Trip insurance is an onetime opt-in, non-refundable option for our customer's peace of mind.
  • Trip insurance will not be refundable even if the customer denies getting the device repaired after getting a final cost estimate from an affiliate repair shop.
  • Trip insurance does not cover any software loss, data loss, or any other information compromised during repair within the device, and only relates to the physical device itself.
  • Trip insurance ends the moment customer receives their device back, any issues with the repair or rework on the device will have to be claimed under the warranty terms and will not be covered by this insurance.
  • The determination of whether the damage/theft/loss occurred during transit will be done by Gadget Guruz after taking into account all pertinent facts and taking an unbiased decision.
  • Trip insurance is provided to cover only transit-related issues (theft/loss of device/damage) and does not cover repair shop or repair issues that will be covered under warranty.