SMB Enterprise

Businesses today cannot move an inch without technology and gadgets. Gadget Guruz SMB segment is a tailored service for any such company, school, NGO, Govt. organization, etc. to get experts to help resolve any issues that they may face with their gadgets during their day to day operations. The vision of this service is to help small companies and even large enterprises curb the overhead cost of keeping an IT team for maintenance of hardware/software required for their business. With a centralized approach and experts available on call, companies will not only be able to reduce costs but also get much value for service and cheaper solutions.

A company may also enroll for a service where their employees can benefit from the service on a discounted cost, the terms of which will have to be decided and formally put together by the decision-makers of the company.

We all have seen small companies struggle with IT issues and are not able to get the best support or solutions as they don’t have an IT team on payroll, this service takes care of hardware and software issues alike and will be tailored for each company based on their needs.

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