Express Service

Gadget Guruz express service is for customers and situations where time is of the essence. You may run into a gadget related emergency wherein you need immediate support and want it much faster than the normal turnaround time. Express service is a premium feature that comes at an extra cost, but also comes with extra effort on our end, to ensure that your issue is timely resolved and we are able to support you in every way that is possible for us.

Under the express service, your case is moved on priority and a resource is dedicated to it, who will pick up the device, get it repaired, and return it to you right away. The dedicated resource does not work on any other cases simultaneously, thereby reducing the turnaround time massively.

Express service can be used for any repair related issues and will only be assigned post a verbal conversation with the customer and confirmation about the same in their repair order summary. This service, being premium and on-demand, is a non-refundable service and once the device is picked up from the customer for repair, it can no longer be canceled.